12 Days of Christmas Nail Art Challenge - Day 2

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12 Days of Christmas Nail Art Challenge - Day 2

After yesterday's great success of Christmas Nail Art Challenge day 1, I am ready to continue with another set of nails.

This time, I didn't follow the classic blue and silver colour combination, I paired blue with gold 😱


step 1

Step 1: create the nail. This design will look good on BIAB, hard gel, acrylics or acrygel. It is better to use a cover pink colour to create the nail as not all of my nails will be a full block colour.

 step 2

Step 2: apply green and gold foils on one side of the nail. 

 step 3

Step 3: apply gold gel on the other side of the nail but just half way. With your ombre brush, feather the colour towards to the cuticle area. Cure.

 step 4

Step 4: use a fine nail art brush and black art gel plus blue lagoon to add some lines to the nail. Cure. Add top gel and cure. 

 Christmas Nail Art Challenge - Day 2 finish picture

Finish picture


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