5 day FREE Fine lines and swirls challenge

5 day FREE Fine lines and swirls challenge

This is an absolutely FREE 5 day challenge with me. You can do it from the comfort of your home, everywhere in the world.

You can do this challenge with acrylic paints and fine brush or hard colour gel and fine brush. It is up to you, whichever is easier for you.

My recommendations:

NABA acrylic paints
NABA design #00 brush

NABA hard colour gel (white, black or any colour)
NABA slim or
NABA top liner brush

Every day, i will post a little video / worksheet / step by step and your task to follow the instructions. When your challenge of the day is ready, you are welcome to post it on facebook or send it over to us as a private message if you are shy .

If you think that any of your nail tech friends could benefit from this, please share this event with them.

Thank you in advance and wishing all of you good luck!


Check the challenge here.

Susan xx

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