BORN PRETTY Watercolour Pen

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BORN PRETTY Watercolour Pen

I have been using a lot of different nail art techniques during my carrier as a nail technician but watercolour nail art or aquarelle nail art always been my absolute favourite.

The answer is simple: because it's quick, it's airy and looks good on salon length nails which I mainly do.

All you need is water, aquarelle paints and a brush and you are good to go. I like this technique because it is light and let's your imagination fly with it. You can combine lots of different things into it; like freehand painting, swirls, glitters or rhinestones. The possibility is endless!

I have heard a lot about these watercolour pens from BORN PRETTY before so I was pretty eager to try them out. They come in various colours, 12 to be precise. But there's one (07) which is not a colour more like a cleaning pen, but still , 11 different colours are a good amount of variety to be honest.

On the next picture, you can see the colours.
It is so hard to decide which one is my favourite because you can use them for so many ways and in so many combinations.

You can create abstract designs with it like the marbling effect

BORN PRETTY Watercolour Pen

but you can also create flower type designs with it.


They come in a small box with 2 compartment; one for the pen itself and another one for the ink. You will need to put the pen together by yourself. Here is a handy guide how to:


It takes about half a minute to do so and voila let the fun begin 😁!

Comparing to the traditional watercolour paints, you don't need water or an extra brush to use.

All you need is the watercolour pen in your chosen colour and the clear one. 

Marble effects




Incorporate freehand painting, fine lines and swirls, a bit of glitter and rhinestone to make your design unique.



Step 1: apply white gel polish and cure in LED lamp.

Step 2: take the sticky layer off with cleanser.

Step 3: draw your pattern on the nail. I used watercolour pen 03 and 08 then spread it out with 07.

These watercolour pens dry by air so you do not need to put them into the lamp. However depending on the amount of colour you applied on the nail, make sure it is completly dry before you put your top gel on it. If you are too quick, it will smudge your design.

Step 4: you can add a bit of glittery line to the marble. I used MOSAIC Royal Gel Rhodolite. This is a very nice, glittery gel that needs curing.

Step 5: use top gel to secure your desing.

Step 6: to make your desing unique, use fine lines and swirls. I used MOSAIC one stroke gel paint black and a nail art brush to achive my swirls.

I have got some free online training uploaded on my website if you want to practice, and I also created some pretty cool and reusabe training cards before for fine lines and swirls compositions.

Step 7: secure a rhinestone in the middle of your design with MOSAIC gem gel.


If your client is not a big fan of white nails, not a problem! Here is another way to do marbling. 

Step 1: Paint your client's nails nude. I used NABA Cat Eye Gel Polish Skin colour here.

Step 2: After curing the second colour coat, I just applied some matt white transfer foil on it, using the sticky layer of my gel polish. In this case I have got a nude background but white base for my marble effect.

I used 3 different colours here but you can use as many as you wish for.

Step 3: Use your clear watercolour pen to spread the colours.

Step 4: after top coat application, add some fine lines and swirls.

This is a very eye catching design. Will look good only on just one finger too. You can do it on the top of the nail close to the cuticle are, the bottom part like a French style or you can do half-half. The choice is yours!


We all like a bit of floristry on our nails and believe in me these pens are great for that too.





Again, no need for an extra brush. Use the shape of your watercolour pen to create flower petals. 

I have tried different ways to do flowers with these pens. If I am honest with you, I think it works better on smaller designs which in my case is exactly what i was looking for. As I mainly do short salon nails but my clients still want to have a bit of fancy 😉. 


Here is how to get the look.


Step 1: Paint the nails white. I used BORN PRETTY basic gel polish day in 2 colour coats. Cure between coats. Then wipe off the tacky layer.
Paint on the main parts of the flower with black gel and cure.

Step 2: start colouring in your flower. I used 02.

Step 3: wash the colour out with 07.

Step 4: use colour 05 and wash it out again with 07. Make sure you clean your 07 between colours on a paper to avoid colour transfers.

Step 5: use colour 01 and wash it out again with 07.

Step 6: use colour 06 and wash it out.

Wait a couple of seconds to make sure your design is fully dry. The watercolour pens dry by the air so it should not take too long. Then top coat it and cure.

If you are trying to create a less vibrant look, use just one colour to create flowers.


Black looks really good on this glittery pink background.


So many designs possible. Have a play with these watercolour pens, they are so much fun!


If you would like to attend and online traning class based on these watercolour pens, please register your interest. Send us an email to


Lots of Love,


Susan x


  • Tracy

    I would love a good variety of ideas in the use of these pens so I’m definitely up for some online training with the pens

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    Would you please send me an email when these pens are back in stock.
    Many thanks

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