Christmas Nail Art - Character Painting - Penguin 🐧

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Christmas Nail Art - Character Painting - Penguin 🐧

Christmas is coming! The holiday season is a time when fashion and beauty becomes fun, vibrant and glittery.


An easy way to give your clients' nails a festive vibe is with nail art. So this is what I am going to help you with in the upcoming blog posts. There is a design for everyone, take a look an find your favourite.

Looking for cute Christmas nails? Then today's pick is just right for you. Today's blog post features an adorable penguin in his/her fluffy hat.


You will need the following items:

* pastel pink

* complements pink

* black gel polish

* snow white gel paint

* vanilla gel

* white acrylic powder

* white velvet powder

* matt top coat

* tips / swatches

* LED lamp

* dotting tool

* top liner brush


Let's start with the step by step pictures.


Step 1

Step 1: paint your clients' nails with pastle pink and cure. Then with black gel polish or black gel paint, paint on the body of your pinguin. Cure.

 Step 2

Step 2: with white gel, paint on the eyes and the white part of the body. Cure.

 Step 3

Step 3: with a dotting tool, add the eyes. Cure.

 Step 4

Step 4: using vanilla gel, paint on its nose. Cure.

 Step 5

Step 5: with a fine nail art brush and white gel, paint on the eyebrows. Cure.

 Step 6

Step 6: using your pastel pink gel again, paint on his / her scarf. Cure.

 Step 7

Step 7: use white gel for the fluffy hat. Before you put it into your lamp to cure, sprinkle with white velvet powder. Cure.

 Step 8

Step 8: Brush off the excess velvet powder. Add lines to his/her hat and scarf then sprinkle it with white acrylic powder. Cure. Brush off the extra white acrylic powder. This is your finish picture.


You can do this cute pinguin in any colours, pink or as my client requested blue.

 Salon nails with freehand painted pinguin

Watch me doing this design here:



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Lots of nail love,

Susan xx

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