Christmas Nail Art - Character Painting - Robin

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Christmas Nail Art - Character Painting - Robin

Why do we associate robins with Christmas?

What's the history of Christmas robin?

These questions have been playing on my mind since I threw myself into this Christmas preparation. So if you were ever wondered about those questions and still looking for answers, look no furtner.

According to my forever friend Mr Google: With its plumped-up red breast and sweet song, this tiny garden visitor is a British festive favourite.


" Of all Britain’s birds, none is more closely associated with winter and Christmas, than the robin. But how did this come about?

The species’ association with the festive season can partly be traced to the 19th century when the newly created postal service dressed its workers in red uniforms. The Victorians nicknamed the delivery staff “robins” and the birds eventually cornered the Christmas market, appearing on greeting cards and wrapping paper." From The Guardian


So if robins are ok to have on Christas cards, wrapping paper etc.....why not have them on your nails too.

Today's blog post is about how I achieved to paint a little red breasted robin on salon nails ,

You will need the following products:

* white gel polish

* black gel polish

* red art gel

* brown art gel

* neon orange gel paint

* grey gel polish

* matt top gel

* white acrylic powder

* swatches

* dotting tool

* top liner brush

* LED lamp

* soft brush 

Here comes the step by step pictures.

 Step 1

Step 1: with brown gel and a fine nail art brush, paint on the branch. Cure.

 Step 2

Step 2: with black gel, paint on the body of your robin. Cure.

 Step 3

Step 3: with a dotting tool, paint on his eyes. Cure.

Step 4

Step 4: with red art gel, paint on his belly and give some colour to his cheeks too. Cure. Then with neon orange (yes you have read it right 🙈😉) paint on his nose and legs. Cure.

Step 5

Step 5: add some details to his hair and wings with grey. Cure. Add some berries. Then with milky white gel add some soft "highlights ". Cure. Apply matt top coat and cure.

Step 6

 Step 6: wherever you want to add "snow" apply white gel but do not cure. 

Step 7

Step 7: sprinkle white acrylics over your design and cure. Take off the extra powder with a fluffy brush. 

Finish picture - Xmas character painting -robin

Step 8: finish picture. 

Watch me painting this design here.


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