How I Faked the Babyboomer Look with Gel in Less than 1 Hour!

How I Faked the Babyboomer Look with Gel in Less than 1 Hour!

Back in March this year I wrote a blog post about how to create the famous babyboomer look with our NABA Q gels and it was a great success among a lot of nail techs.  If you have not read it yet, please have a look on it here.  It is a great look but let's face it, takes some time to do it.  And most of us work by the clock so I had to find something similar ish but quicker version of this beautiful look.  This is how I ended up writing this blog post about my fake babyboomer look today.


All starts with a freshly prepared set of nails.  I like to work with natural nails so that was my base.  Don't forget the best grit of file to use on natural nail is 180. I like the shape of the NABA file so I used it on the nail.  Be careful, do not touch the freshly prepared natural nail with your other hand or fingers.  Use gloves! 



 Next step is to use preparation liquids. Every company points out that their gel polish / gel / acrylics will work the best if you use their preparation liquids as well.  I always follow this rule, no matter what! 



Start with Nail prep.  As it is a dual product, good for:
- Hand and nail sanitizing spray
- Nail preparation (dehydrator, degreaser, PH- balancing, antibacterial and antifungal).

Wait to dry before using the Primer.  It only takes a couple of seconds really and you can actually see it on the nail.  My next preparation liquid is Ultrabond

Ultrabond is a MAA free primer used to promote adhesion to the natural nails.  Ultrabond has low odor and does not burn the natural nails or cuticles.  Works perfectly with all gel and acrylic systems.  Instructions to use: apply a layer of Ultrabond to the natural nails and allow it to dry for approximately 30 seconds.  The product will remain slightly tacky.  It is like a double sticky tape under the gel. 

My nails are a bit weak at the moment so I decided to top it up with base gel.  Perfect base layer for every NABA buider gel to increase adhesion and solve lifting issues. Most of ours prime problem ( lifting ) solved. 


All nails are prepared now, let's do something new. Apply a very, very thin layer of NABA French pink gel on the nail.  More like just a brush on, rather than anything.  Do not cure it.

This gel is a medium viscosity, self levelling  milky pink builder gel.  Good to use on natural nails as well as for extensions.


When you are applying a bigger ammount of gel on the nail, leave the lunula part out completly.  Cure.  I am not going to write any curing time because it all depends on your lamp.  UV or LED, how old, strength etc. 




We need to feel up the gap now.  You can do this and create your apex with a clear gel as well but I think it looks much more nicer with a hint of pinkish colour.  You can use NABA Q gel glass pink or NABA Pink builder gel as well.


File and buff the shape.  I always use 180 grit file on gel and a very used one around the cuticle area to make sure no damage on skin.  As for efile users, my personal recommendation is the Safety bit ;)

File the natural nail out under the gel.  Use  under clean efile bit. 

Not a glittery nail tech myself but as it is trending now, I added some nail flitters to some of the nails too.  Just stick it into uncured gel, then cure. 



Don't forget to use flexible top coat



I normally use 2 layers of top coat.  Our fake babyboomer look is ready.  The free edge area will not be as pinky as the nail plate.  It will have a very pale white shade to it.  In less than 1 hour?  Perfect!



Did you like this blog post?  Have you got any questions?  We are here to help.  Drop your email to susansnailstore@hotmailcom.

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Lots of Love,

 Susan xx



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