How to Nail Christmas

How to Nail Christmas

The most wonderful time of the year or the most stressful time of the year for some. 


You are tired, out of ideas but fully booked till the 23rd December (hopefully after the year we had 🤞) and already panicking over this whole December - Christmas period. 


Now take a deep breath, make yourself a cuppa and read on. I am full with ideas and happy to share to help you. 


In this Christmas blog post, I am going to help you with

• traditional and not so traditional colour palettes,

• show you some salon friendly Christmas designs with a lot of bling and sparkle (more will come in future blog posts)

• how to sell your Christmas nail art; I am going to give you my top tips on how to sell your nail art to your clients

• and what sort of present 🎁  to give to them this time of the year.


Sounds good? Grab your coffee ☕ (or tea 🍵) and let's do this together 💪!


Traditional Christmas Colours and more

There are several colours associated with Christmas but I think the most traditional ones are red, gold and green. 


But I also like blue, silver, rose gold or even a colourful one.

What colour themes are you choosing this Christmas? 

 Christmas nails

Christmas designs

Are you just playing around with colours?


Are you doing the classic snowflakes ❄?


Stickers, stamping?

It is an easier way to creat art than painting on clients nails. With these Christmas themed sliders, you can get the festive feeling in seconds.


Or are you going into character painting too?

Here is my step by step pictures and video how to create this adorable little penguin. Click here for more.



Love Christmas Robin? Click here for your SBS pictures and video.

There are so many options to choose from and there is a right one for every client. 😉 

How about some mistletoe?



Click here for SBS pictures and how to video.

I am going to start preparing myself from next week. Better late then never, right? 🙈🤣🤣 

The aim is to design at least one Christmas nail art 💅 a day so I will have some sort of a collection by the time we start creating Christmas nails on clients in December. Have you done any Christmas set yet?

Obviously there is no guarantee my clients will go for these designs but if I don't show to them, they will never know what I can do. Or perhaps they come with some ideas from the internet I might not be able to perform. So to avoid disappointment, to avoid something you cannot do, show your clients what you can and how awesome you are! 😉


How to sell your nail art to your clients

To achieve this; do your own nails! Yes, I am guilty with this one as only doing my nails every 6- 8 weeks. But clients like to have a look on a whole set of nails and if you are having it, they are more likely want it too. 

But what else can you do to show your nail art? 

1. Use plastic nail art tips  

These are coming in different sizes and shapes ( oval and square), clear or natural colours. If you are using a lot of glitters best to use the clear ones. If you are showing more of a nail art, you are good to go with the natural ones. Stick them on a plastic card so you won't lose them. 


Fancy learning how to create a Christmas bow? Have a look on my ONLINE course here.

Or do you want to learn how to paint candles with a bow? Check out my Christmas ONLINE course here.


Fancy learning how to create this FROSTY WINDOW effect? Have a look on my online training here.

2. Use plastic ( silicon ) finger

I am sure a lot of us have bought these plastic or silicon fingers to practice on. Get them out and stick your design on it. It looks a bit more realistic to clients than just a board to look at . But I can take this further...


3. Use plastic ( silicon ) hand

Now this is a whole new level of showing your nail art. Why? Because you can actually do half a set, rather than just 1 finger.  You can show different nail shapes as well as nail art. Clients normally love these. ❤ 


4. Do your very own nail art book

It's like a portfolio. Showing to your clients how awesome you are. I often ask similar to this from my beginner girls. It might take some time to get it but you can print it out and make it like a little book and leave it at the reception for example. A little something to keep your clients entertained while they are waiting. Just a little note on that, make sure they understand it is not something they can take home ... 🙈 happened to me before. Forgot to add a note and my client took all of them home to have a look on it and choose her next set of nails. It was a bit stressful but thanksfully she brought it back the next day. 


What sort of present to give to clients...

There is no right or wrong on this topic.

Some nail techs say: "I am not giving anything to my clinets!"

"I only give them a card for Christmas!"

"My present to them is the Christmas nail art for free."

"I bought a little present for my clients."

"I am going to bake something for my clients this Christmas."

Personally I have done most of it. Every year is a bit different. Do whatever makes you happy. If you are thinking to give them something useful as a present, here is my best bet.....cuticle oil.



I use these every time in the salon, so my clients know it is good. It is small, handy to have, fits in their handbag too. So why not giving it to them for Christmas and everybody happy. Check them out here.


I hope you found this blog  post useful. As I mentioned before, I am working on more design, step by step pictures, product reccomendations, videos so it is worth checking back.

Any questions or suggestion, don't hesitate to contact me.

Let's do Christmas together!


Lots of nail love,


Susan xx

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