How to sell your nail art - top 5 ideas, tried and tested

How to sell your nail art - top 5 ideas, tried and tested

So you learnt a new nail art technique and want to make some money out of it?

Yes, we all want that.  But how do you want to show to your clients what you are capable to do?  In this blog post, I am going to share my top 5 ideas with you!


Having it on your own nails is a fab idea ( one of the best! ) but there is a little problem with it.  What happens if you have got no time to do your own?  Or if your nails already busy with something else on it?


Check these top 5 ideas now to sell your nail art tomorrow!


  1. Plastic nail art tips


Now you can buy them in oval shape as well.  I prefer these ones as most of my clients have got oval or almond shaped nails.  But of course the traditional square shaped tips are fine too.  Size 3 or 4 are the best to choose and i prefer natural colour over clear.


Showing just one tip to a client most of the times not enough.  So I normally do at least 3 designs under the same theme and stick them on a white plastic card like this.


In this case they are all together and you can build up a nice collection to have a look on too.


  1. Plastic nail tips  fan shaped


Working with pigments is still on and it is such a great thing to do if you haven't got lots of colours but got some pigments.  It does really change the colour itself. I applied one of our best selling colour on this tip ( NABA hard colour gel Lavender no65 )  and added one pigment at the time.  In this case you ( and your client) can easily see what a little bit of powder can do to a colour.




  1. Plastic finger

A bit bizarre but you can used to it.  With this sort of presentation you can show shape, colour and nail art at the same time.


  1. Plastic hand

The same as the finger but in this case you are doing not just one finger but 5. Clients love to touch these.  Good for shape, colour and nail art showcase.



  1. Your very own nail art book


This might take some time as you need to have some fab nails done in the salon first.  Then combine them into a mini nail art book and get it printed.  I used to have a few of these at the recaption.  A little something to keep clients entertained while waiting.



Could you continue the list?  Share your thoughts with us!  Your feedback and recommendation is much appreciated!


If you think this was an useful blog post and other nail tech could benefit from it, please don't forget to share it!


Lots of Love,


Susan  xx

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