Look What You Just Missed! Part II

Look What You Just Missed! Part II

I am going to share with you some ideas what you can do with NABA French gel.  This is a very nice, self levelling, medium viscosity builder gel.  There are two ways in which I use it.  It can be used as a proper builder gel, also as a thin application on top of clear builder gel.  Both ways work very well and have their own benefits.  But let's talk about those stunning black flowers now.


I sculpted the nail with French pink gel.   Did I mention how much I love this milky pink colour?! LOL  After you buffed and filed the nail, flowers are the next step.  To achive this see through black effect, you will need a highly pigmented black colour gel, top gel, and mixing spatula.  Simple.  I found using an actual acrylic brush #4 or #6 does the petals perfectly.  After it is cured, apply top coat again. The last bit is doing some definition to the flower and add some bling.

BLING!!  Everybody loves a little bit of bling and everybody has their own way to secure it onto the nail. The best thing I have found so far was my Mosaic GemGel.

It stayed on the nails perfectly for weeks.  No more phone calls and returning client because she lost a gem or two.

The other way to use this French pink gel, like a hard colour gel application in 1 or 2 thin coats.  It still looks very nice and elegant.  Have a look on this picture below.  Can you see the difference?  Both were done with the same gel, one is stronger in colour (when sculpted) the other one is lighter in colour (when brushed on).

How to achieve the look on the right? Have a look on this quick step by step.

I used my acrylic brush #4 again.  And the following hard gel colours: 07, 19 and 25. For the details 01, 02.

"Does this design sell in the salon?" - oh very much so! Give it a try and you will see it!

Lots of Love,

Susan xx


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