Makover time

Makover time

Every client has their own reasons why they start getting their nails done. There's a story behind every new set of nails.


I'm working on my next blog post (if you haven't seen them go to blog and check them out) about "why people having their nails done?" So I asked my clients.


Some of them are with me for 10 years, some of them just a couple of years and some are brand new clients.

It is interesting to read how do they feel about nails. 


I just did a makeover for Nicola (new client) 🥰 and asked the same question from her. 


" Well I feel like nails can be an extension of your identity, they can help you to express yourself, show what you like and how you want to present yourself to the world. I feel more comfortable in my own skin now I have nails that I love and suit me so well. "


Do you agree? What's your opinion? Have you asked your clients, why are they havong their nails done 💅



I took some picture and later shoot a video for you, how I created this look.

Hope you like it.😘




It is important to take before pictures. Why? Because every new set is a different story. It is easier to do a new set on perfect natural nails. Long straight nailbed with parallel sidewalls, you name it. You know, the ones you need for a photoshoot or competition. BUT in real life, finding those nails is very rare. So you got to work with what you were given and do your little magic on it. Maybe not perfect for the very first time (specially if you come across with a nail biter) but it gets better with every new set. 😉



Nicola did not want long nails because she is wearing contact lenses but she still wanted to have something a bit special. She is a typical purple lover so her very first set of nails had to be purple with a pinch of extra.



Here is a little video, capturing how I achieved the look. When you are working on short nails, finding the right nail art is hard. Hard, because you haven't got a big surface to work on but you and your clients want something......something different.


It can be a different colour on just one finger. A bit of glitter or what I have found and worked well for me....fine lines and swirls 😁.

It's like with everything, hard to start with but if you practice and practice a lot, you can create a work of art on short nails too in seconds.


A sort of art that both your clients and you will love ❤️.




Products used
















A lot of nail techs asking the same question over and over on social media: "What shall I use for fine lines? Can I use my gel polish for fine lines?"


Well short answer is no. 😞 Most gel polishes have not got enough pigments in them to cover small parts with intensive colours. Just remember, you need to apply 2x thin coats of gel polish to get the desired colour. Plus gel polish consistency a lot more liquidy and yet that's another thing what you do not want.


So instead of using gel polish, you need to find something else. I used to use acrylic paints before, but the war between you and the drying time can be a killer.  So pleased I have found these art gels from mosaic. They literally saved my life. 😀



If you need help with fine lined and swirls...



Susan's Nails has created this training card for those beginner or advanced nail technicians who would like to practice fine lines and swirls compositions in the comfort of their home.


Each card was designed and hand painted by Susan. The card has got a special coating on which makes it reusable.


There are 5 different designs on each card. Some of them are simple, some of them are a bit more complicated, giving you the chance to challenge yourself.


You can work with acrylic paints or with hard colour gels on the card. If you want to reuse your card, do not cure the gel just cleanse it and wipe it clean.

All of the designs are suitable to use on salon length nails as well as extreme length nails too.



As always, here if you need any help or recommendations.


Lots of nail love,


Susan xx


P.S.: don't forget the "buy 2 get 1 FREE" promotion on mosaic gel paints. Check website for details. 😉

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