Filing accounts for eighty to ninety percent of the work done in a nail salon, truly hard work that many nail designers would like to be made easier.  The necessary equipment is available, so what is stopping nail care professionals from making their work easier, quicker, better and more pleasant?
Again and again we hear from many nail designers that this is a shortcoming in their professional training, where they unfortunately learn little or nothing about this healthy and efficient way of working.
In the nail industry there has been much debate over the use of e-files.  Many technicians are divided over the use of e-files, some believe that they damage client’s nails; but that is not the case if proper training is given.  An e-file on its own cannot cause any damage to your client’s nails; it’s the operator using the e-file that causes the damage.  When the correct drill bits and techniques are used then e-files are perfectly safe.
PLEASE NOTE:  you need to be qualified and hold relevant insurance to use an efile on clients' nails!
Today, I would like to give you a brief guide on the efile bits that NABA has.
Small efile bit to clean the cuticle area.  You can use it befor gel polish service or any gel or acrylic service (overlays or extensions).
Medium sized, strong efile bit for infills, rebalances and de-bulking.  Also suitable for removal of hard gels.  Thanks to its rounded top end, you will not cut your clients’ skin.
Medium sized efile bit for sidewall and close to the skin filing without any damage to the skin.  Rounded top.  It helps to clear the “step” between the natural nail and product on the side of the nails.
Medium sized efile bit for drilling out the natural nail under the extension.  This bit ends in a sharp end.
Medium sized efile bit, long lasting with round top.  Easily removes hard colour gels from the surface, infills, rebalances and de-bulkin.
Long lasting nail drill bits with round top, smaller in size ideal for gel polish.
Don't forget, you need to be trained and insured to use efile on your cliens' nails.
Check our training page for upcoming training dates.

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