Trend Forecast Spring / Summer 2017

Trend Forecast Spring / Summer 2017

Now that it is officially spring in the UK and thankfully we are actually having some nice weather with lots of sunshine, I think its time to talk about the fashion trends for this season.  I've had a little look around to see what's happening with fashion in general.  Spring is here with all of their light, pastel colours and hint of flowers. Pastel greys, blues and pinks are defo in this spring again with a surprisingly fresh splash of red.  Oh yes!  I do not know what but there is something about this red thing.  I just love it!  I know this will not be everybody's cup of tea but hey... once in a lifetime, you must try a nice set of red claws and then tell me how did it feel. ;)
NABA has just brought out their new spring and summer shades too. So I am going to introduce each one.


As you probably know these hard colour gels are very high in pigment.  What does it mean?  As soon as you open the pot, they are ready to use, no need stiring the product first before application.  They are self levelling and cure without any tacky layer.  They cure in UV and LED lamps too.  Curing times always depending on your lamp.  You can use these hard colour gels as a full block colour, as a paint on French or for fine lines or even the well loved sugar effect too.  Works well on top of gel or acrylics.  If you are using it on top of acrylics, after filing and buffing acrylic nails, apply top coat, cure, buff it back and then apply hard colour gel.  If you miss this step, the hard colour gel will separate from your acrylics in about 2 days.


But now let's start with...

Colour no 60, BLOOMING PINK.

It's a nice pastel pink colour.  I have found the coverage is good but it does need 2 coats to get the colour right.  So I applied the first coat of colour, flash cured it in my lamp for a couple of seconds and then applied the colour again.  Cure.  Ready.


                                                Picture was found on the internet.


Pink colour is a light version of red. Pink colours symbolizes love and passion in a gentle way.  Pink colour shades are youthful and sweet.  You can pair it with so many colours, neutral colours, white, gray or even black. 

The picture below shows a set of salon nails using Blooming Pink with a hint of black to give it some features.




Colour no 61, CHAMPAGNE

If you like a little bit of bubbly, this is the colour for you.  I would have called this colour as pastel beige but as soon as you see it, you know what I mean.  A hint of yellow instead of the pink.  Very natural,  good for those clients who does not want too much.  Colour coverage is good in just 1 coat.


Colour no 62, NUT

Or as I would have called it, pastel light brown.  Looks good with blue, green,  purple and white.  Don’t forget to add a bit of silver to complete the look.  Coverage is good in just 1 coat.  Watch the video here.



Colour no 63, PASTEL LILAC

Another cotton candy shade from NABA.  Coverage is brilliant in just one coat.   Pair it with peach, white and a hint of black colour.


Colour no 65, LAVENDER

I love lavender, both the flower and the colour.  Lavender is a light shade of purple.  Good coverage in just one coat again.   When using lavender for nails, decide what overall look you desire.  If you want something modern and simple, consider black and white colours with a splash of lavender.   A very light shade of lavender blends well with a deep chocolate shade of brown (like NABA colour gel no38 CAPPUCINO or no46 VELVET BROWN).

For something completely modern and cutting edge, use a totally opposite but complementary colour, such as green.  My absolute favourite is NABA colour gel no39 KIWI.  Greenery is the Pantone colour of the year 2017.  A refreshing and revitalizing shade. Greenery is symbolic of new beginnings.

A monochromatic look using varying shades of purple can fit eclectic or traditional style, depending on the number of shades used.  Try it with 21 AMETHYST, 28 SMOKY PURPLE, or 37 INDIGO VIOLET


   Picture was found on the internet.



Colour no 66, PASTEL GREY

Grey is neutral by nature and can be transformed into beautiful aesthetics, paired with bright colours, elegant on its own.  Try with red, royal blue, orange, green, pink, black or white just to mention some.  Good coverage in just 1 coat.

Grey combines with fuchsia, red, violet, pink, blue.


   Picture was found on the internet.



 Hand painted pastel flowers by me


Colour no 67, BALLETT PINK

Another beautiful colour from the word of tutu.  This pale, perfectly poised shade of pink is a flawless colour for the modern ballerinas.  Coverage is more like 2 thin coats but not a problem till we can look at this beauty over and over again.


Picture by Szilvia Bolcskeine


 If you use it for sugar effect, it is ok in just one coat.  See picture below.




Colour no 68, DIRTY PINK

I do not know where the name dirty pink came from but this colour is defo one of my favourites.  It reminds me to a cover pink colour. Coverage is good in 1 coat.  I did not have time to do too much experimenting with the new colours just yet but I have got a feeling, this colour plus gold pigment over it would give us a nice rose gold effect.  Hmmmmm……will try it for sure asap.




Colour no 69, PASTEL BLUE

Pastel blue nail arts are a perfect colour to choose for the spring or summer fashion. With just one coat for a perfect coverage it is even better.  What goes well with light blue?  Yellow, red, orange, lighter or darker blue, black or white.


  Picture was found on the internet.






Colour no70, SHARPY RED

Now this is my absolute favourite at the moment and I am wearing it right now!  Very feminine.  It just makes my hands look so much nicer and gives a hint of tan to it too. Can you notice this colour?  Oh yes, it pops out from the croud so not suitable for those who wants to blend in this spring / summer.  This is a vibrant colour!  One coat coverage is perfect.


   Picture was found on the internet.





Did you like this quick guide to the latest colour fashion?  Drop us a line and share your opinions.   Don't forget to share it with your nail tech friends too.


Lots of Love,


Susan xx

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