*** NEW Training Cards ***

*** NEW Training Cards ***

Yesterday just launched my very first lesson on my #HomeSchooling #NailTechnicians program and the feedback is amazing so far. Thank you so much for all your kind words. I was working very hard to get the ebook together for you with as much handy information as possible.


On my training courses, I always pointed out the position of your design and the harmony of colours  are very important. And now you know the secret why, right?!


If you missed the lesson, don’t get upset, just visit my online training page and find it among other completely free lessons.


As I have pointed it out earlier, the only way to get them is to “buy” through the website but do not worry. There is no catch! It is completely free and will not charge you for it. There is no time limit so the pdf file stays with you forever.


The most amazing feedback I got from you was about the fine lines and swirls training card. Thank you so much, I love them too.


I have already had these cards in my shop but because of current situation, I made a small change and now it is available as a PDF file too. Great idea, isn’t it. You can still buy them as a physical product but if you do not want to wait till they turn up via Royal Mail, then head on the website and get them as a PDF file. Start practising from the comfort of your home right now.


Enjoy your time!




Susan xx

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