No More Missing Gems

No More Missing Gems

Have you ever faced to this problem before? 

Client wants to have lots of bling on her nails.  Cool.  You rush and get some Swarovski rhinestones as only the best to our much-loved clients.  Applied on the nails. 1,2,100s of them.  One by one of course. Perfect.  Then a couple of days later the terrifying message arrives: “Hi, sorry to bother just wanted to let you know, most of my gems are missing and I did not do anything!” SHOCKING!!!! Yes, she did not do anything of course, but what did I do wrong then?  You go on Facebook and start asking the same questions over and over again, hoping someone will give you the magic answer, the one and only, the best solution to your problem.  A couple of minutes later advices from fellow nail techs are coming in. From “acrylic paint dot” to “super glue”, put it into a “small bead of acrylics” to” top coat and top coat it over” etc. And you are lost!  Too much information, do not even understand half of it, no time to try everything out as this client is back very soon and she wants to be sorted right now.  And you really need to do this right this time! What do you do then?
I think this is one of those stories that happened to you once at least in your lifetime since you are a nail technician.  Let me tell you something: it is not the end of the world!  It does happen to all of us and there is always a solution
And the solution to this problem is NABA GLUE IT. Despite of its name, it is not a glue. It is a clear gel, can be applied with a builder gel brush or with a fine nail art gel brush too. You need to make sure that you got enough product on the nail.  You can apply gems just one by one and cure between or as many gems as you want at the same time, it is up to you. Both of the above is possible.  The gel cures under uv and led lamp too. It is very flexible so you can safely use with gel polish service as well.  After curing time (which depends on your lamp and the amount you applied on the nail) there will be a small tacky layer. Just use your normal cleanser for gel nails to get rid of the stickiness and your new set of nails, full with rhinestones is ready to go.
Sounds simple, right?  And yes this is your simple solution to your missing rhinestone problem.
Watch the video, how to use it now!


How about if I say 11th September could be your lucky day? 


Because we have got a little


going on at the moment.


This competition is open to all nail technician, nail tech students in the UK.

The reason why we want you to win because we want to help you and 2 of your nail tech friends to sort this missing rhinestones problem out.

This competition is up and running between 1st September12.00am  and 11th September 2017, 11.59pm UK time.

How to win?

  • Like our original post on Facebook here.
  • Comment under the original post why would it be good to win.
  • Tag 2 nail tech friends in your comment, giving them the chance to win too.
  • Share the original post on your Facebook. 


After all of this hard work, let’s see what can you win!?

The winner takes

  • 1x NABA Glue it gel,
  • 200 rhinestones and a
  • rhinestone picker.

The other 2 nail techs who were tagged in the winner’s post will win 1-1 NABA Glue It gel.


How will I know I've won?

The lucky winner will be announced under the original post on 12th September at 8pm UK time.


What happens next?

The lucky winner(s) will be tagged under the original post , informed via Facebook message ( if it is possible)  as we will need your postal address to send the good(s) out.


Are you excited now? So should you! Ready, set, go!

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