One Stroke Nail Art with Gel

One Stroke Nail Art with Gel

Painter and craftswoman Donna Dewberry is perhaps best known in the art world as the inventor of the One-Stroke painting technique, a method that allows painters to blend, shade, and highlight all in one stroke of a brush. She still does a number of paintings on full-scale painter’s canvases, but she’s equally thrilled to see her One-Stroke technique adapted to a myriad of other industries — including, recently, nail art. Dewberry says, “I created the One-Stroke method of painting over 15 years ago while teaching myself how to paint. I wanted something fun, quick and easy.”

The original idea was carried out using acrylic paints and it was transferred to nail art. A lot of nail companies offer their acrylic water based paints for free hand painting and one stroke nail art. They are high pigmentation for better coverage than ordinary (hobby craft) acrylic paints.

 One Stroke Nail Art

Here is a quick step by step video on how to create some salon friendly one stroke flowers with acrylic paints:

The new one-stroke gel paints are in convenient tubes -- colors are 3ml, Black & White are 5ml. The 13 beautiful colours are very highly pigmented, so a little goes a long way!  One-stroke gel paints are thicker and do not leave a dispersion layer.
For those of you that are familiar with one-stroke acrylic paints, the colour coding is similar to the Polycolor acrylic paint line. These paints are the best acrylic paints and the choice of colour for an experienced one-stroke artist has been made easy.  The difference is that the gel paints are ready to use.  As well, the gel paints do not dry until they are placed in the led-uv lamp so you can paint at your leisure and, if necessary, make corrections. The gel slides gently on the brush and does not skip like too-dry acrylic paint can.
Of course, the colors can be mixed with each other in order to find new tones.

One Stroke Nail Art with Gel


If you fancy learning this technique, have a look on our training page.




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