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I have been using a lot of different nail art techniques during my carrier as a nail technician but watercolour nail art or aquarelle nail art always been my absolute favourite. Why? The answer is simple: because it's quick, it's airy and looks good on salon length nails which I mainly do. All you need is water, aquarelle paints and a brush and you are good to go. I like this technique because it is light and let's your imagination fly with it. You can combine lots of different things into it; like freehand painting, swirls, glitters or rhinestones. The...

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After launching the first lesson, I am really pleased that so many of you took the challenge and downloaded my ebook. My website was buzzing all day.   Thank you so much. It just shows that even in such a difficult time, all nail techs are ready to improve their knowledge.   So today, I am very happy to bring the next free lesson to you.   Lesson 2 contains the following items as a pdf file:   Before we start Introduction Objectives How to use this e-book Nail Art How to position nail art on nails What can be...

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Yesterday just launched my very first lesson on my #HomeSchooling #NailTechnicians program and the feedback is amazing so far. Thank you so much for all your kind words. I was working very hard to get the ebook together for you with as much handy information as possible.   On my training courses, I always pointed out the position of your design and the harmony of colours  are very important. And now you know the secret why, right?!   If you missed the lesson, don’t get upset, just visit my online training page and find it among other completely free lessons....

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