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Illuminating Nail Ideas for 2021 using the colours of the year. Modern abstract designs, geometric designs, marbling effect, leaf silhouette, stained glass, floristry, watercolour and 3D designs. Step by step pictures and video guidance for beginners and pros.

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Freehand painting is one of my favourite and possibly the quickest nail art you can ever use in salon.   As spring is here, all clients prefer to have flowers on their nails, so why not giving them what they want?!?!?!?   With this quick step by step pictures, you can easily create stunning roses on your clients nails.     Step 1:choose your background colour and cure.   Step 2: paint on a French style smile line but do not cure.   Step 3: with a sponge, bring the colour down towards to the free edge. Cure.   Step...

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This is one of the biggest trend right now in our salon. It has everything what clients are looking for; sassy, chick, nude, glittery and has some personal touch to it with some freehand painting. What not to like about it?   I have created these on one of those rainy autumn afternoons when I wanted to have a play with the new Mosaic gel paints. Accidently left them on my table and since then, I am doing nothing but these designs on my clients nails.   They absolutely lovin' it! So, why don't you head over to my YouTube...

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