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Christmas colour palettes, Christmas designs, nail art, and how to sell it to your clients. These and many more ideas, examples, online training courses in this blog post. Stay tunned, more is coming...

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Don't lose your marble! Create one of the most wanted nail design with gel polish quick and easy with my extra tips 😉 .

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Creating nail art in autumn style when your time is limited is challenging. But here's another quick solution for you with step by step pictures, how to video and product recommendations. 😉

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Illuminating Nail Ideas for 2021 using the colours of the year. Modern abstract designs, geometric designs, marbling effect, leaf silhouette, stained glass, floristry, watercolour and 3D designs. Step by step pictures and video guidance for beginners and pros.

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I have been stuck in the house for over 2 weeks now which feels like months. It is crazy how our lives have changed in such a short period of time. The always busy salon now is empty, no clients visiting, no cheeky coffees in costa.   Most of us lucky enough and can work from home. Well, at least you have supply at home to entertain yourself; brush up on some serious sculpting skills or try out some new nail art designs. No matter the situation, you must stay positive.   When this crisis is over, our salons will...

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