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Creating nail art in autumn style when your time is limited is challenging. But here's another quick solution for you with step by step pictures, how to video and product recommendations. 😉

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Yesterday just launched my very first lesson on my #HomeSchooling #NailTechnicians program and the feedback is amazing so far. Thank you so much for all your kind words. I was working very hard to get the ebook together for you with as much handy information as possible.   On my training courses, I always pointed out the position of your design and the harmony of colours  are very important. And now you know the secret why, right?!   If you missed the lesson, don’t get upset, just visit my online training page and find it among other completely free lessons....

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One-Stroke painting technique, a method that allows painters to blend, shade, and highlight all in one stroke of a brush.The technique can be carried out with water based acrylic paints as well as highly pigmented gel paints. Which one you prefer, is up to you ;)

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This is one of those abstract nail art ideas where you cannot go wrong.  It is pretty simple, easy to use. Looks good in any colours and done in seconds. Perfect! Just one of those things we need in our busy salon life ;)

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