The Secret of Long Lasting Gel Polish Service

The Secret of Long Lasting Gel Polish Service

First of all we need to clarify what is a gel polish service?  Personally I just call it to my clients as a long lasting nail varnish, cured under UV or LED light.  It is not the most professional way to say it but at least they understand.  If someone phones up and ask: “Do you do S…. or G…..?” Then I kindly ask them if they are asking about the brand itself or the service I can do for example with those brands. You are a qualified nail tech or soon become one and these things are important.  I am a bit fed up with those questions (sometimes coming even from nail techs) so I believe you as a qualified nail technician need to educate your clients between the service name (aka gel polish) and brand names. 


The process of doing gel polish service is more or less the same as ordinary nail varnish application.

The result is instant, smudge free, ready to go.  It can last up to 2 weeks +.  Plus because it can easily last longer than 2 weeks with some clients.  The reason why I am saying some because

  • Not every client follows the after care advice - happy if it lasts for 2 weeks
  • Not every client’s nails suitable for gel polish service - happy if it lasts for 2 weeks again.


Another thing is, please do not mix gel polish together with gel nails. Having gel polish on your natural nail is not the same as having hard gel either as an overlay or extension.  Hence the time of the service ( hard gel overlay or extension takes longer ) and price of the service ( hard gel overlay or extension costs more).


So what happens if your client’s nails are not ideal for a gel polish service but she insists on having only gel polish on her natural nail?


You do your very best of course! Most of the times, these clients have got weak, uneven natural nails.  Be very careful with natural nail preparation, do not over do it. Just lightly buff the natural nail with a buffer. This is one way to secure you are not making the natural nail weaker than before.

Use base gel twice! Yes, you heard me, twice. Apply the first coat, cure and then apply the second. In this case you have got a better base to work on.  Then comes the colour application 2 times more or less. Again cure between colour layers of course. And finally comes the top coat

98% of my gel polish clients are having their nails done like this and the results are pretty good. 3-4 weeks of wearing time without any break or chip.


Introducing new Power Base Gel


This is a brand new product from NABA. A base gel in a bottle. Comparing with Base &Top, I would say thicker so you can do amazing things with it.


- building mini apex

- giving strength to the natural nail

- extend the natural nail  2-3mm


You can build apex with it, you can give strength to the nail and you can even extend the nail with it.  Don’t think about an extra long stiletto. But you can easily extend the natural nail  2-3 mm on the form.  That is pretty amazing from a base gel in a bottle, right?

I did a quick step by step with it today, I am so happy to share it with you.   



Step 1: Preparation. After cuticle work, I buffed the natural nail with a buffer and applied NABA Freshener.



Step 2: Apply first layer of power base gel and cure.



Step 3: either using the brush or with your normal gel builder brush create a small apex on the nail and cure.


My nail on the thumb was broken.  I could have left it as it is as not a lot of attention to your thumb let's face it.  But I wanted to match it up to the rest and wanted to test this new base gel too.  So I decided to sculpt a new nail on it.



All starts with a correct form application.  If you have not done any sculpting yet, I recommend to do a course on it.  You will not regret it! 



Apply base gel on the form as well as on the natural nail and cure.



After curing time, take off the form carefully. And here you are, your new sculpted nail.



File back the free edge, and buff the top of the nail too. Here are some  pictures from different angels.





So from this short, broken nail




to this  :)



As for pricing, I would charge extra for these broken, sculpted nails for sure.  How much?  It is something really hard to say as it all depending on your current price list.


And this is the finish picture.



Ok, I could not help myself and had to give a go to the new Matt Top as well.  And yeah me liking it a lot!  I can see how quickly it goes to matt under LED light, and it requires no cleansing at all!  Madness!


So yeah, I have found a new way to keep my clients happy!  Until they are happy, I am happy too.


How do you sort broken nails out with gel polish?  Have you got some great ideas?  We are happy to hear them!


Lots of Love,


Susan xx


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