Tips and Tricks when Using Holographic Nail Art Powder

Tips and Tricks when Using Holographic Nail Art Powder

Use these steps to achieve amazing holo powder effect and wow your clients! 


Step 1: base colour on your nail


The base can be a gel polish colour or hard gel colour. Any colour is ok to use, depending on the look you wish to achieve. If you want to stand out, try to use unusual colours like yellow and green. Life is too short to have boring, black nails! 




Step 2: apply your top coat 


I highly recommend to use tack free top coat, NO WIPE, top coat if using a gel polish colour or hard colour gels. 

Bare in mind, there are hard colour gels out there (like NABA hard colour gels) that cures without any tacky layer so no need to use any top coat before your holographic powder application. 


Step 3: apply your holographic powder 


Choose a powder that is very highly pigmented , like NABA Holographic powder. Ultra fine holographic powder that will make your nails shine! It comes in one color only but you can achieve different looks using colorful base underneath powder. 


Pigment comes in a large jar that can fit more than 1 gram of product so your jar will not be full when you receive it. You only need the tiniest amount of product per nail so 1 gram of powder will last for many nails.


Dip your eyeshadow sponge applicator into the powder and then massage it into the nail. Remember, less is more! 

You will need to polish your nail until you achieve the look. You cannot miss this look! 


Step 4: wipe away your excess powder 


Turn the applicator and brush off the extra powder from the nail. You can also use a soft cloth. 


Step 5: apply top gel


Don’t forget to use a flexible top gel over pigments if you don’t want your top gel to crack after a day or two. 



Extra tip: apply the pigment straight after it came out of the lamp and the nail is still “warm”. 


Here is a quick video on how I used the holographic powder on a yellow set of nails with some freehand painting nail art. 



Please leave any comments , tips you have picked up or suggestions below . We would love to hear from you. 




Susan x

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Love the nails and design what is the black nail art paint and where do I get it


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