Simple Autumn Salom Nail Design by Susan

Simple Autumn Salon Nail Design


So Nicki came yesterday for her appointment. Last time, she refused to have autumn nails..... she just didn't want to let summer go. But as the temperature dropped, the leaves started to fall, she had to realise there is no turning back ...her summer nails had to go. 


 Before ... 5 weeks set of nails 

 I have been doing autumn colours and autumn nail art for over a month now so instantly had at least 3 different reds in my mind. It took us about 2 minutes to quickly decide on the colour scheme and let the work begin. 

After the usual preparation process and new set of acrylgel applications, we were ready to create some art: full block colour application with Mosaic 02 Red Wine and as for my background colour for the nail art, we choose MOSAIC Botticelli LOVE


If you are trying to recreat this design, you will also need the following items:

💅 fine nail art brush

💅 dotting tool

💅 Mosaic one stroke art gels: white, black and brown

💅 Mosaic fox tail


Let's see the steps.

 Step 1 

Step 1: after creating the background colour, start working on your branches.  I used a fine nail art brush and Mosaic one stroke art gel in brown colour. They do not need to be the same length or thickness as you will add leaves and some berries to it later. 


Step 2

Step 2: I'm starting with my leaves 🍂. I will only paint 3 of them and they all will be on the left hand side. Using one of my favourite colours for autumn: Mosaic fox tail. 


Step 3 

Step 3: using a dotting tool and the base colour of this set, I am adding some dots on the right hand side of the nail. 


Step 4 

Step 4: not sure if you can see it on the picture clearly but I also added some smaller black dots underneath the red bigger dots. This is just like the bottom of the berries.  


 Step 5 

Step 5: another small detail....white dots on the berries. These dots are really, really small. 


Step 6 

Step 6: I felt my leaves were a bit unfinished so I went back and added some fine lines to them. 😉


And this is the finish picture 📸 



In salon, I don't always have a lot of time to create nail art. Normally max 15 minutes. That's not a lot of time if you are doing it on 4 fingers, right? Hence I'm coming up with ideas that eye catching and reasonably quick to create. 


Do you want to watch me how I created this look? 

Here's the video 📹 for you. Don't forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel too 😉.


Have you done any autumn nails recently?  Would you like to share your work with us? 

Have you got any questions?  Any suggestions?

Always here to listen. 😉 


Lots of nail love, 


Susan xx


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