The Secret of Forever White Nails ...

The Secret of Forever White Nails ...

How many times did it happen to you that a client wanted to have WHITE nails ?!?!  At least once or twice since the wedding season, right?

Unfortunately no matter how hard you try, your white will turn into a bit of yellow ish colour sooner or later which is not that extreme white look that you wanted to give to your bride on her big day.  It happened to me before as well, that's why I know.  So when Jo (my client) brought up this idea for her wedding nails, I was a bit shocked to start with and scared to continue.  She wanted to have full block extremly white nails with black on.  Not much to ask really and I would have not panicked either if she did not mention the word: wedding!  I had to sit down for a bit and do some brainstorming around the idea.  It is possible to achive white nails with a lot of products but I wanted to have that EXTREME white colour without any yellow shade not just for the wedding but after the wedding too.  You know, for the next couple of weeks till she due for her 4-week infill time.

So after thinking about this for a little while, I came up with an idea of building the whole nail with MOSAIC BUILDER WHITE - CLOUD.  And guess what?  It worked!  She not only had extremely white nails for her wedding but it lasted for 4 weeks too without any discolouring!  Happy client, happy me!


 And how did it look like after 4 weeks? 



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