Your Journey To Be A Freehand Painting Nail Artist 🎨

Your Journey To Be A Freehand Painting Nail Artist 🎨

Nail Art is part of my everyday salon life.

Literally, I have no client who would just go home with a plain colour. Why?

Firstly, and most importantly, because I love doing nail art, specially freehand painted nail art. You can tell this just by looking at my face when I'm doing it. 😁

Secondly,  because this is a kind of norm nowadays.
Clients are expecting nail art. 

Something nice, something eye-catching, something that stands out. 
Something others will comment on when they are using their hands in the shop, at the hairdressers,  cafe shop, you name it. 

I mean, who doesn't need a compliment ?! 
A compliment makes you feel special and makes you feel good about yourself. And we all want that good feeling, right

If your clients feel special, they will come back to you every month, no matter what. Do you agree?

There are lots of different type of nail art you can offer to your clients; marbling, glitters, foils, water decals, stamping, air brushing just to mention a few. You can create amazing nail art with those techniques and it is a great way to offer nail art to your clients. 

But freehand painting nail art? That's a whole different level my friend.
You probably think I was good at arts 🎨 in school. I was average. Nothing special to be honest. I remember my class mate Leslie ( or in Hungarian László). Now he was amazing from a very young age. He went to develop his gift in an art school later and I think he works now for a company doing graphic designs and stuff. 

As for me, I don't even think I was interested in arts that much at that age. But growing up in Hungary in the 90s, as an only child , when my parents had to work a lot and I was left on my own most of the times. I needed to do something. 

So I went to the library a lot. Not necessarily to borrow books to read, but to borrow those Disney books with beautiful pictures in it, my parents could not afford to buy. 

I remember we were allowed to have these books for 2 weeks before we had to take them back. So I had 2 weeks of happiness with these nicely illustrated books in my room. Yeah  I spent a lot of time upstairs in my room. I have never really been an outdoor girl. 

Because I loved the pictures so much, I didn't want them to go. I wanted them to stay with me in my room. So one day, I decided to copy them. They didn't look anything like in the books to start with but the more I did, the better I got. 

The moral of the story is, you copy first. And then, you copy more. And when you have the moves in your hand, then you start doing it freely. But still stick to the pattern. Only start painting by yourself when you are very confident in what you are doing. 

Noone starts from the top. Noone can paint Picasso straight away (I still can't 🤣). There are steps you need to take first to get there. 

It's impossible to get better at something until you have a solid understanding of the basics... and that includes freehand painting nail art too. 

So let me show you my steps to be a freehand painting nail artist 👩‍🎨

Starting at the bottom with my 4 key techniques to quickly improve fine lines

You may think it is not necessarily to do and for some, it is true. But the techniques I'm sharing with you here will come back over and over again when you are trying to do line art, swirls, aquarelle, one stroke or the combination of those. Or even when you just want to jezz up your marbling or add some as I call it personal touches to your foil art or water decals.

A lot of nail artist trying to find the best product to use. How many times was this asked in different Facebook support groups? And it comes back over and over again;  "What's the best brush to use?" "What's the best gel to use?"

The thing is, it is not necessarily the product is the issue,  maybe it is your technique. So I would focuse more on the technique first and then the product. 

Those little things like: 

❓ how to stop your hand shake and wiggle - my clients always comment on how steady my hands are 😁 and I take it as a compliment 😉 
❓ how to create long lines 
❓how to keep long lines nice and even 
❓how to hold the brush or your clients' hand or both 
❓how much pressure do you need 

I have included my 4 handy tips in this online training to make your freehand painting look better.

Nothing to do with products as such. But I share my personal recommendation for products for those nail techs who are really new to this. Not necessarily brand recommendation but product recommendations. I hope you understand the difference between the two. 

There are a lot of companies out there, with a lot of products, promising you their products are the best! But I think the best is that works for you 😉.

Sometimes a cheaper brush can do the same if not better than an expensive one. You may already have the best one, just don't know how to use it?! 🤷🏻‍♀️ you get the idea 😉.

The next step is to train your hands.

Train your hands with lines and combine them into compositions.

Because when you are performing 🎭 nail art on your clients nails you are not just painting a line here and a line there and that's it. You are creating a composition.  A composition that may contain 2, 3 or more lines and they are in harmony. 

In my 24 hand training exercises online class, I am not just sharing with you those hand training exercises but I am also giving you and guiding you through 4 basic compositions

Some compositions designed on square nails, some designed on oval nails. And the reason why, because not every design, not every composition looks good on the same nail shape.

That's why I also included these handy nail shape cards for you.
                               square shape
                               almond shape 

How to use it?

Just print them out and laminate them. In this case, you can use them over and over again.

Practice the 4 basic compositions. After mastering the basics, you can move on and get some advanced compositions to really wow your clients. 

Trust me it works. How do I know? 

Well not one or two of my clients asked for line nail art recently, because they saw me sharing and promoting these courses for you. 
How amazing is that?! 

For example, this set was requested by Alison, after seeing my first  basic composition on Facebook. 
"OMG I LOVED ❤️ your last grey nail design you put on Facebook.  I want THAT just with my colours. You know me 🤣. Can I have it today please?!"  I am not going to lie to you, I was well happy. 😊

First of all, because she follows me and my work on Facebook. You would be surprised how many of your clients don't do that unless you ask them. 😳

But I was also happy because, she saw my design, she LIKED my design and most importantly she WANTED my design.

It is always easier to create nail art for your clients if you know what you are doing. What I mean by that; you know the colours you are going to use, you know they are in harmony with each other. You know the brushes you are going to use and most of it all, you know the exact steps you are going to perform on your client's nails for that WOW 😱 effect.

How is it possible?

It is possible if you are prepared! If you practiced beforehand. You have a successful and busy business to run, you haven't got an hour to waste on nail art. You have to do it fast and it needs to be impressive!

This doesn't apply on just fine line art work to be honest with you. It applies to each and every style of nail art you are offering to your clients.

But to get to that stage, you have to practice upfront. 

This is how it works. You practice the compositions, share your best work on social media and wait for your clients to beg you to do it for them 😉. 
Another client of mine, Desi, with her requested line art
And my sweet 16, Georgina 
Why is it so good?
Because you will stand out, you will gain more clients and we know more clients means more money too.

Are you ready to train yourself to be a freehand painting nail artist?

Then this is your step 1

And this is your step 2
What can you do when you finished with these courses?

Has it ever happened to you that you finished a course ( online training or in person ), you got your certificate (we all love a shinny new certificate on the wall, don't we?) but you still had  some questions?

Has it ever happened to you that you didn't want to ask something from your educator but it would have been great to know the answer?

I mean, it should not be an issue to ask from your educator but I have been on courses before when I just could not. Maybe because she was busy with other students or just simple because I was afraid I am asking a stupid question. There is no stupid question to ask, by the way. 😉

Has it ever happened to you that you wanted to show off your work to other like minded people? 

I mean I can show it to my mum and she will say: "Oh darling, it's lovely!" in Hungarian of course but she wouldn't have any clue what to admire really. Sorry mum. 😘

Or you completly mastered the course and would love to help to others?


Then this Facebook group is for you!

Come and join, ask questions, give advices and post your work!

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