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Fairy Pink Dream Package

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Every girl like a little bit of fairy tale. Why don't you give this fairy tale feeling to your clients with our new "Fairy Pink Dream Package".

This package contains the follwoing items:

    NABA Fairy Pink Gel 15m

    Medium viscosity, self levelling  milky pink builder gel. Good to use on natural nails as well as for extensions. Ideal for baby boomer, rose quarz and 3D nail art. Cures in UV lamp and LED lamp too.  Easy to file.

    NABA Flat brush

    Synthetic gel brush for sculpting.  Bigger than our CAT #6 gel brush, perfect to use for one bead technique in the salon.

    NABA Slim brush

    Natural hair pointed brush for thin line decorations.

    NABA #6 Acrylic brush

    Perfect for nail art and building sculpting acrylic nails.  You can use this for reverse technique too.  The brush is made from Kolinsky hair.

    NABA Hard colour gel (4):

    New generation of colour gels. Due to high pigmentation in these colour gels from NABA, there is no need for a second layer or Top Gel as it cures without any tacky layer. Sutibale to use for French style, full block colour or fine details too. Perfect for sugar effect technique.

    Curing time is 2-3 minutes in UV lamp ( depending on your lamp) and 1-2 minutes in LED lamp.

    No tacky layer after curing time.

    NABA Matt

    Brand new innovation from NABA.  Matt top coat which cures without any tacky layer.Flexible matt top, which means you can use it with foils as well for example.

    NABA Glue it

    Clear UV Gel for Swarovski stones, crystals, accessories, Crystal pixie etc. Can be used on top of any surface (sticky or not). Curing time 2 min/36W UV lamp or 1 min LED.





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