NABA Artist Acrylic Paint 17 TURQUOISE GREEN

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Usage of acrylic paint in nail decoration is a relatively new technique borrowed from folk art, which has quickly gained popularity due to its simple use and strong polymerisation. Acrylic paint has good coverage, it dries quickly and is water resistant after drying. Colours can be diluted with water and mixed with each other, which means you can get any colour by combining base colours. The main characteristic of acrylic paint is its pigmentation, by which we distinguish studio and artist paints. NABA acrylic paints are very strongly pigmented artist quality paints, with perfect coverage even when diluted with large amounts of water. Due to the density of the excellent binder, it comes in an outstandingly economical 8 ml size. The paint contains a cadmium pigment base which is a natural ingredient, and provides much nicer colours than synthetic bases.



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