NABA Glue It Gel

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Clear UV Gel for Swarovski stones, crystals, accessories, Crystal pixie etc.

Can be used on top of any surface (sticky or not).

Curing time 2 min/36W UV lamp or 1 min LED.


How to use:


Step 1: 

Finish your nail including top coat. You can work on gel polish, acrylic nails or gels too.


Step 2:


Buff the area lightly where you are willing to put the rhinestones.


Step 3:

Apply NABA Glue It gel with your NABA #6 cat brush on the nail. Make sure you are using enough gel for the size and shape of your rhinestones. Bigger rhinestones require more gel. You can apply more than one rhinestone at the same time. Cure.


Step 4:

After curing time, do not forget to cleanse your nail.


Here is the video on how to use NABA Glue it gel with gel polish application






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