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Our Online Nail Art Course will teach you how to create a range of freehand nail art techniques which can be combined to create stunning Nail Art designs. Guided by our study materials and video tutorials, this online course will take you through using different medium and tools to perform Nail Art with confidence.

Study from the comfort and convenience of your home.

Online courses are ideal for anyone who wishes to learn a new skill from the comfort and convenience of their home.

Our Online courses are suitable for complete beginners.

The Online courses are designed to work  with PCs, laptops and most mobile devices including tablets and smart phones so you can study at your own pace, wherever you may be. Easy to follow online study materials are provided along with video tutorials.

Salon friendly nail art.  

Lesson 6 contains the following items as a pdf file:

  • Before we start
  • Introduction
  • Objectives
  • How to use this e-book
  • Nail Art
  • How to position nail art on nails
  • What can be my "base" nail for nail art?
  • Let's talk about hard colour gels
  • Could I use acrylic paints to do nail art with?
  • Let's talk about brushes
  • Let's talk abour colours
  • The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for colour combinations
  • Which top coat is best to use
  • How to sell your nail art
  • What do you need to start this online training
  • Where can I watch the videos


  • Lesson 06 with Step by Step pictures (flower)
  • Lesson 06 with HD quality video (flower)


  • Worksheet: different nail shapes
  • Worksheet: fine lines and swirls


No time limit!!! You will have access to this lesson forever.


If you need more practice with fine lines and swirls, have a look on my training cards here.



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