5 Day FREE Fine Lines and Swirls Challenge - DAY 1

5 Day FREE Fine Lines and Swirls Challenge - DAY 1

Woohoo, welcome to our first day of challenge. I am super excited to share this event with you! It is a 5 day challenge and I really, really hope you can come and finish it with me.

Every day I am going to post something for you. It is either a video, a worksheet or some step by step pictures. You can do this challenge with acrylic paints or hard colour gels. The choice is yours. The challenge is about fine lines and swirls. I am trying to break it down as much as possible for you to follow. You can practice it on a simple one colour background or if you have got time, you can put it on different backgrounds. The choice is yours.

Just a little advice: print out the worksheets and laminate them so you can reuse them over and over again 😉

As I am a gel girl, I am going to do it with gel. As i said you can do thiswith acrylic paints too. Bare in mind, acrylic paints dries by the air so you need to be quick ish if it makes sense while if you are doing the challenge with gel then you do not have to worry as it will cure under the uv or led light only!

Before we start, I want you to know that in nail art, there is no right or wrong. Everyone’s nail art is good. You are here to challenge yourself, to better yourself, to learn something new every day.

If you would like to share your work with us, that’s awesome! If you are a little shy, and don’t wish to share that’s absolutely fine. No pressure! You can always send it to us as an email or as a private message, if you want of course.

I have been doing freehand nail art for a good couple of years so do not be too harsh on yourself if it does not look exactly the same as mine. That’s absolutely fine! Besides, even better 😊

Don’t forget to practice a lot, offer it to your clients, have it on your nails and watch the magic happening.

Any questions, we are here to help each other in a friendly manner. Please feel free to ask.

But now, let the fun begin. Good luck to everyone!

All the videos can be found on the event page, to download your worksheet of the day, please click here.

Lots of love,


Susan xx

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