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This course is for qualified nail techs who work with gel and want to change their tip extension knowledge to sculpted knowledge, nail techs who already qualified in sculpting but still struggling with form or product application.

All students will receive a printed manual with step by step instructions.


      COURSE LOCATION:  Peterborough

      EDUCATOR:  Zsuzsanna Varga

      COURSE DURATION: 10am-7pm

      COURSE CONTENT:  Proper preparation of natural nail, correct use of file on natural nail, correct use of preparation liquids on natural nail, correct form application, how to customise the form for different natural nails, do we need to cut the form? - where to cut the form for a better fit and how?, product application, apex, pinching, sculpting nail almond shape, salon length, correct filing technique, correct application of hard colour gel, finishing touches, troubleshooting, how to take a good picture of your work that sell

      COURSE COST: £180.00 (This price is for group training. If there is no group training available,  the price is the same as 121 private training) 

      DEPOSIT: £35.00 your deposit will secure your place on this course. The deposit is not transferable or refundable.

      Payment via online bank transfer only. Please ask for bank details.

      This course needs to be paid in full 7 days prior the course.

      KIT: there is no kit. You are welcome to bring your own products to the course.

      You will need to bring cuticle pusher, scissors, preparation liquids (nail prep, primer, ultrabond), builder gel clear, builder gel pink, builder gel white, cover pink, any hard colour gel, file 180/180, buffer, sculpting forms, gel builder brush, cleanser, top gel, uv or led lamp and table lamp.

      There will be a small shop on the side only providing these items if you have not got any or run out of it during the day.

      MODEL:  REQUIRED with natural nails from12.00

      You will receive an accredited certificate by Susan's Nails.


      Student's work on this course:




      About Our Training

      Our training academy is based in Peterborough.  We provide a wide spectrum of training courses for any level of students.  We have courses for both beginners and experienced nail professionals. You can choose the course that best fits your level. All our educators are highly qualified and have vast amount of experience within the industry as working nail technicians, salon owners and experienced educators. Our courses are accredited by Britain's leading insurance company, ABT, means that you will gain full cover insurance from your qualification which is necessary when becoming a nail technician. Students who successfully completed our courses are entilted to 10% off for their membership & treatment insurance application.




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