Your Journey To Be A Pro Nail Technician

My name is Zsuzsanna Varga, and I am the owner of Susan's Nails. 
My training academy is based in Peterborough and I provide a wide spectrum of training courses for any level of students; I have courses for both beginners and experienced nail professionals.
You can choose the course that best fits your level.
I am a highly qualified educator and have vast amount of experience within the industry as working nail technician, salon owner and experienced educator.

Your Jounrey To Be A Pro Nail Technician


Every time when I get an enquiry about starting a nail course, I have noticed people are confused over all the difference courses, and choices.

Which course is the best to start with?

How long will it take?

Do I need any pre qualifications?

And I guess the list goes on and on. And the thing is, there is no right or wrong way either because we are all different.
For example, you can start your nail journey at a gel beginner level and train later to do classic gel polish ( which was chosen by a lot of my students ).

I want to help you to have a vision of your journey and I made this chart  to have a better understanding about the different nail courses I offer and how you can progress from one to another.


Accreditation and insurance

My courses are accredited by Britain's leading insurance company, ABT, means that you will gain full cover insurance from your qualification which is necessary when becoming a nail technician.
Students who successfully completed my courses are entilted to 10% off for their membership & treatment insurance application.
You will be given a special code to get your discount.









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