5 day FREE Fine lines and Swirls Challenge Day 3

5 day FREE Fine lines and Swirls Challenge Day 3

Good Morning All!


How are you today? Are you ready for todays challenge?


I know it might sound a bit cheesy but honestly, I am so so happy reading all of your messages and seeing your beautiful work from day 1 and 2. This is the time when I feel all that hard work worth it!


Anyway, today is a new day and here comes the new challenge too. In this manual, you will find

detailed step by step instructions how to get today’s challenge look. The manual is 4 pages altogether. Practice the basic stroke first. Then follow the example and try to recreate it. Just as you did yesterday.

Working with acrylic paints or with hard colour gels are fine. Use a fine detail brush to get those fine lines. Use one colour background only or start to experiment with ombre background for example.

The choice is yours 😊

Take your time and looking forward to seeing your work later.

Lots of Love,


Susan xx

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