5 Day FREE Fine Lines and Swirls Nail Art Challenge Day 4

5 Day FREE Fine Lines and Swirls Nail Art Challenge Day 4

We are almost at the finishing line with our challenge. And I am absoutely speechless.

When I started to put together the worksheets and manuals and step by step to this challenge, I was not sure how it will go. I put some hours and work into it and was hoping for the best if I am honest. But seeing so many people joining in, and not just from the UK it is really just amazing!

I have received so many private messages and comments from you, thank you guys. Love reading your feedback:

“I was busy but tomorrow is quite so I can show you everything what I did so far 🙂 but I found it really helpful. Thank you xxx “

“Client saw the sheet and said ooo..practice on me 💖 x”

“Thank you, Susan, for sharing all this with us!!! 😊 😍”

“This is so going to help with my nail art and henna tattoos”


Every day is a bit different and yes every day is a bit harder. That’s why it is called, challenge, right?


Are you ready for today’s challenge? Click here to download your worksheet.

In this 3 pages manual, you will find detailed step by step instructions how to get today’s challenge look. Practice the basic stroke first. Then follow the example and try to recreate it.

As an extra tip if you are working with hard colour gels, don’t cure your gel. Sprinkle over with acrylic powder, put it into your lamp for 2-3 minutes to cure and you will not only get your beautiful swirls but it will be sugar coated as well 😉


Looking forward to seeing your work later today.


Lots of Love,


Susan xx

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