At last: fiberglass gels that you and your clients will love and thank you for

At last: fiberglass gels that you and your clients will love and thank you for

NABA has just released an old favourite, fiberglass gels.  Don't think about the "old school" fiberglass nails now.  I am not talking about a piece of fabric placed on the nail and then treated with resin to make the fiberglass clear.  Then an activator is sprayed to cure the resin which provides a hard finish.  Oh, no, no, no!
Fiberglass Q - gels are UV / LED cured hard gel that contains fiberglass mixed into the gel. It is strong and can be used on natural nails as overlay, gel extensions and infills.
There are 4 different Q - gels available at the moment; clear, glass pink, cover pink and extreme white.  All in 5ml as well as in 15ml pots for now.
But let's talk about them one by one.
Fiberglass Q - gel CLEAR
This was the first gel I have tried.  Clear, nice viscosity. I believe a lot of nail techs do not like working with gel because it is runny and messy.  But it is not true at all!  There are different type of gels now on the market.  If you do not like to work with runny gels, there are plenty of thick gels available.  Q - gel CLEAR is more like a thick gel. 
When I applied it on the sculpting form, it stayed in form and shape, did not run and there were no heatspike.  It really surprised me, how quickly it cured under my NABA LED lamp.
I like pinching nails every now and then so I gave it a go this time.  Good job!  The gel stayed in shaped too without any extra clamp or anything. BONUS!
Next: Fiberglass Q - gel COVER PINK
Personally speaking, I like using cover pink gels in the salon.  I have got at least 5 different shades of cover pink if not more.  You can never be sure which one will suit to your clients skin lol.  And until now, my favourite was pretty much NABA Cover Pink DARK.
So it was obvious, I am going to compare these two together. Here you are;
Ligther in colour than DARK.  Is it gonna be the new favourite?  We will see!
If you are thinking about application, watch this video now!   Easy to apply, will not flow onto the skin!
Next: Fiberglass Q - gel GLASS PINK
What you need to know about this gel: self-leveling, easy to shape fibreglass gel. It is durable, can be used safely to build long nails.  NABA Q-Gel Glass Pink is for making the nail bed extension higher.  It is very handy of course when you are creating an extreme shape set of nails.
But as I wanted to try it out, I gave it a go.
The colour is defo lush and very easy to work with.  It just gives the cover pink colour that extra bit.  Love.
And yeah it looks good on nails!  It does need cleansing of course and easily filed with 180 grit file to shape.
This is how it looks after filed, buffed and applied Top Gel on nails.
I am going to try out the Q - Gel WHITE another time and let you know about the results of course.   After all, I can say that really pleased with the Q gels! They seem to be an easy to handle gel. Very good for beginners.  A new generation of gels with a bit of fiberglass in it for that extra strength we all need.
If you have got any questions about these gels, and would like to discuss it with me, please drop an email to us.
Lots of Love,
Susan xx

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