HomeSchooling NailTechnicians Lesson 1 Is Finally Here

HomeSchooling NailTechnicians Lesson 1 Is Finally Here

I have been stuck in the house for over 2 weeks now which feels like months. It is crazy how our lives have changed in such a short period of time. The always busy salon now is empty, no clients visiting, no cheeky coffees in costa.


Most of us lucky enough and can work from home. Well, at least you have supply at home to entertain yourself; brush up on some serious sculpting skills or try out some new nail art designs. No matter the situation, you must stay positive.


When this crisis is over, our salons will be full with clients again who are wanting fancy nails. And you have to be ready for that! So take this time as an opportunity to practise.


I have heard so many times on my courses before; “ I have got no time to practise. “ well, now is the time! I have put together quite a few salon friendly design for you which are suitable for absolute beginners too.


I am going to upload nail art lessons on my website, 3 times a week: Monday, Wednesday and Friday. So don't forget to come and visit my online training page on those days. ;)


Some of them will be free, some of them will be there for you for a small charge and I have also added some variants too. Hopefully all of you will find something to work on these days.


I have just added my very first lesson to the website. Don’t forget the only way to get it if you “buy” it through the website. You do not need to be afraid, there is no catch, no charge later.


It contains:

  • a manual,
  • step by step pictures,
  • HD quality video, and
  • worksheets you can print out and start practising straight away.


And on top of it all, there is no time limit, which means you can have all the above forever.


I would love to see your work, whatever you are practising: on tips, practise hand, your own nails or even on your husbands lol. So if you fancy showing it to me, please use #HomeSchoolingNailTechniciansLesson1 or as always, you can send me a message or email to


I am here for you and together we will get through this. Stay in, stay safe and practice while having fun! More to come but until …….much love,


Susan xx



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