How to Choose The Correct Nail Shape and Colour

How to Choose The Correct Nail Shape and Colour

How to choose the correct nail shape and colour?!


Round? Oval? Square? – everybody has got some ideas how should a nail look like and what is the fashion in the nail salons nowadays but let’s have a look on the most common nail shapes trending now.


You as a nail technician can suggest nail shapes and colours as well to your clients.  But be careful.  It is a tricky one.  Have a think about her life style, where does she work and her personality.  You will find bitten nails, wide nail beds and short fingers too.  Your work of art starts with the shape to correct all the above. 


Most clients want “normal” shapes like square, round or almond.  Stiletto, edge or ballerina are more like an “extreme” category in salon.  As  I am specialised in salon nails and nail art, let’s have a look on the 3 most common shapes in the salon.




  1. Almond shape


This type of nail form looks good on most women. It is slim and rounded on the top, very elegant and comfortable to wear. Looks good as short extension as well as long extension.

If you are not familiar with how to sculpt with gel the new almond shape, join us on our upcoming sculpting course in Peterborough.  You can find more details about the course here.




2.a Square shape


One of the most well-known shape of nail in the salon.  The very best choice if you are fan of “French “ (pink and white) nails. Unfortunately this nail shape is not suitable for each and every client.  If your clients nail bed is short and wide this is not the best choice. It will look even wider.  But if your clients nail bed is slim and long, the nail and the whole finger will look longer.





2.b Squoval shape


This shape of nail, “officially”, does not exist. It became popular choice by clients and the need of smoothing and rounding the edges on a square shaped nail.  It looks good on most natural nail shapes as it is not really square square. Square with rounded edges I would say.





  1. Round shape

The most conservative nail shape.  Very similar to the natural nail. Comfortable and suitable for all ages and lifestyles.

Looks good on even a wide nail bed too.


 Colours and how to choose them


You should know your clients’ personality at least a little bit to suggest a colour.  (This is hard if it is your clients first visit in your nail bar.)  She is going to wear this colour 3-4 weeks + so make sure it is something that goes well with her dress colours, lifestyle, personality, work etc.  I do not want to talk about “French” style here as we know that “colour” goes with everything.


Let’s have a look on some popular colours and the meaning behind them.




  1. Red

The colour of love, blood and traditional Christmas.  A couple of years back it was very strange, almost not acceptable to wear full block red nails.  It was too much. Thankfully, this opinion has changed.  Red is such a beautiful colour and loved by so many strong and powerful women. On the other side, there is no Valentine’s Day or Christmas without a shade of red. You can combine it with almost any colour, from white, black to silver and gold.




  1. Yellow



A very happy colour. Makes us smile, reminds us the sun and sunshine. Whoever likes to wear yellow nails, those people are very open minded.  You can combine it with different colours such as black to tone it down a bit.





  1. Orange


 Energy from red colour mixed together with the happiness from yellow.  This combination is great for autumn.






  1. Green

 The colour of nature.  Symbol of harmony.  Good to combine with purple, gold and blue.





  1. Blue


 The colour of sky and sea. Symbol of calm. Good to combine with white, yellow, green, purple.



  1. Pink


 Probably the most wanted colour in the nail salons.  Thousands of shades of pinks from light pink to magenta.  Every client has got pink nails at least once while they are visiting your nail salon.  Easy to combine with white, black, purple, yellow etc.




  1. Brown

The colour of earth. Not the most wanted colour, however it looks gorgeous at autumn time with a hint of gold and sparkle.


 8. Purple


     Just like pink, the other most wanted colour in the nail salons.



    1. Gold / silver


    The colour of richness, festive and bling.










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