How to Do French with NABA Acrylics, using reverse technique

How to Do French with NABA Acrylics, using reverse technique

Generally speaking, I am a gel girl.  But every now and then I have got this very strong attraction to acrylics.  I want to try it.  I want to play with it.  It feels a completly different way of doing nails to me.  Reminds me a bit of cake making and decorating lol.  I bet the acrylics girls are laughing at me now but this is how it feels. 

In our shop,  we sell not just the amazing NABA hard gels but NABA acrylics too and it is only fair to talk about it if I have used them myself.  I have tried different acrylic brands before and I was trained in acrylics many times before too.  So just because I do not use it in the salon that often, it does not mean I do not know how to do it.  Just my clients prefer gel and I respect that.


So in this blog post, I wanted to show you, how do I do French style nails (pink and white) using NABA acrylic powders.

To be exact, I used:



And now here comes the steps.


    Prep natural nail as per usal, using cuticle pusher and 180 grit file.
        I always file off the natural as much as possible. I found it is easier to apply the form and in this case I can customise the form to the best fit. Applying preparation liquids can come now or you can leave it till you actually have the form on. Before product application of course. This is personal preference I believe.


            Form application. Make sure there is no gap between the form and the natural nail. Customise it according to the natural nail. A sharp cuticle scissors can help you to make the necessary cuts.



                    Extend the nail bed with cover pink. I want my lunula to be seen later on, so I applied almost no cover pink to this area. If your clients want to have a very natural look, this is the way to go forward.


                    French pink acrylics application is the next step. It is not a clear acrylic powder. It has got a hint of pink in it but still see through. Just gives the nail bed a nice, natural, healthy look. And of course it helps me to build the “wall” higher which you need when you are creating French style nails with reverse technique.



                    Now comes the wall filing part. I use hand file to file the wall but you can use efile too if you wish and you are trained.



                    At this stage you can file the top of the nail too.



                    White acrylic powder application. Don’t worry about the smile line. It does not matter.



                    Pinching. I used my pinching tool this time but you can use your fingers too.



                    When the nail is set, you can take the nail form off.


                    Now comes the filing again. Can you see my smile line? It looks alright now, isn’t it. That’s because of the wall filing. ;)



                    A couple of more file stroke later, my nail is ready to be buffed.



                    I just used a normal buffer on these nails as will use Top Gel to get the shine back on.



                    Top Gel  and cuticle oil applied.  The nail is ready.




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                      I’ve never seen a perfect french like that one, is completely beautiful.

                      Abril Duron


                      Rene' Williams⁵

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