*** It's FRIDAY, your new FREE lesson is here! ***

*** It's FRIDAY, your new FREE lesson is here! ***

After launching the first lesson, I am really pleased that so many of you took the challenge and downloaded my ebook. My website was buzzing all day.


Thank you so much. It just shows that even in such a difficult time, all nail techs are ready to improve their knowledge.


So today, I am very happy to bring the next free lesson to you.


Lesson 2 contains the following items as a pdf file:


  • Before we start
  • Introduction
  • Objectives
  • How to use this e-book
  • Nail Art
  • How to position nail art on nails
  • What can be my "base" nail for nail art?
  • Let's talk about hard colour gels
  • Could I use acrylic paints to do nail art with?
  • Let's talk about brushes
  • Let's talk abour colours
  • The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for colour combinations
  • Which top coat is best to use
  • How to sell your nail art
  • What do you need to start this online training
  • Where can I watch the videos


  • Lesson 02 with Step by Step pictures
  • Lesson 02 with HD quality video


  • Worksheet: different nail shapes



 No time limit!!! You will have access to this lesson forever.


As per ususal, the only way to get your ebook if you "buy" the product on our website but do not worry, there is no catch. It is completly free.


Get ready and enjoy your time!






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