Latest Issue Nail & Style Magazine

Latest Issue Nail & Style Magazine

And finally here it comes, the latest issue of Nail & Style Magazine, jam packed with lots of new nail goodies from NABA.  Download here.

Straight on the main page MATT  TOP  GEL ………wow! I cannot tell you how excited I am about this new product! Yes, I know there are several matt top gels on the market but finding the one and only is hard!  Now this is something different!  This matt top gel is NO WIPE!! Shocking, right?!

What does it mean no wipe?  It means, do your nails as per usual, file, buff, apply colour, nail art etc, then apply Matt Top Gel and cure. After recommended curing time which is around 30 sec in LED lamp and 2 mins in UV lamp (depending on  your lamp of course) the nails are actually matt already and no need to wipe them with cleanser.  Woohoooo! Saving time and money!!  GREAT!!


Here are some pictures for you to see how does the Matt Top Coat looks like on nails.


                                                   Picture by Ildiko Torteli


   Picture by Ildiko Torteli


   Picture by Ildiko Torteli


   Picture by Ildiko Torteli


And here is an example how does the Matt Top Coat looks like after 8 weeks. Yes it became a bit of satin rather than matt but come on…. after 8 weeks, it is still good!


   Picture by Ildiko Torteli



NABA Power Base Gel


I like the fact that they come in 2 different sizes.  Why?  Because those nail techs can give it a go who’s clientele does not contain a lot of gel polish clients.

And from a student point of view, it is good to have products in smaller sizes.They are only learning and trying to find the best products that suits them.


So what can this Power Base Gel do?

Well, this is not just a soakable (takes around 15 minutes) base gel for those clients whose nails are week.  It is medium viscosity, will not run or move.  Good as a base gel under any builder gels.  At the same time...

This is also a base gel for those clients who’s natural nails are partly broken for example and you want to make sure that they match to the rest when you are doing a gel polish service.  You need to apply a form under the natural nail and you can “extend” it on the form using Power Base Gel. Cool, right?  I will write a blog post on it later on but I believe this is an awesome product! You can “build” a mini c curve with it, no need to wipe off and buff back before you apply the gel polish colour either.  It will not pull back or move! Sounds like a very good  product for gel polish lovers!


All these new goodies will hit the UK in about a week ish time, so keep your eyes open!


Don't forget to join our mini competition on our Facebook page to be in to WIN your new favourite pastel NABA acrylic powder.

Here is the link to the competition!


Good luck everyone!


Lots of Love,


Susan xx

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