Look What You Just Missed! Part III

Look What You Just Missed! Part III

I am a 98% gel girl but every now and then I have got a strong feeling about acrylics.  I just want to do something with it!  As my clients not so keen on having acrylic nails, I have to do something else with it.  And what else could I do if not 3D Acrylic flowers, right? I just love doing it.  Yes, it does take some time to do it, but they can be so realistic.. And if you can do them nice and flat, clients should not have any problems to wear them either.

NABA has got a nice range of acrylic builder powders. They are very easy to work with, even for beginners.  This is a honest feedback we have received from other training academies who are already using them.


In the folllowing video, you can have a taste of these 3D acrylic flowers and how I created them with NABA acrylic colour powders.



Lots of Love

Susan xx

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