Look What You Just Missed! Part I

Look What You Just Missed! Part I

We just had our first free workshop of 2017 this weekend and oh boy what an amazing time we had! A room full with dedicated nail techs, not just from Peterborough but even from Somerset and Wales. Woohooo! This is getting bigger and bigger. I still remember our very first free workshop over a year ago. There were a handful ladies there but now ... just WOW! I feel so privileged and appreciated!
As we all came from different nail backgrounds, I tried my very best to show as many things as possible in our 3 hour time limit. Yeah, it was hard! Far too little time for everything but we came up with some ideas.

Aquarelle inspired nail art with gel polish


A very simple yet effective and easy flower nail art specially for those clients who

  • are having their own natural nails and just regular gel polish service on it
  • you are trying to convert into nail art

Using NABA Xone range for this was a great idea! Easy application, good coverage, just perfect!      


From previous workshops and private messages I felt I need to explain what hard gel means, how do you sculpt salon nails, how do you apply full block colour etc. So I put a quick video together for you.

Why did I need to do this? Because a hard gel colour cannot be applied on the natural nail directly! It does need a base! A base that can be gel overlay, gel extension or acrylic overlay or acrylic extension. Now you got the idea, right? Cool!

The following demo were done on a tip but now you know, you need a base for it. ;)


Colour Ombre with flowers

Doing ombre effect on nails is not an easy thing. From one side to the other is easier for me than do the same from top to bottom but I tried my best and found a new friend too. The ombre brush!

It has got a funny look to it when you first see it with its different length of bristle but it does  the job perfectly. Found 2 beautiful colours that looks good together.

   Fuchsia pink  and Moon Silver


and here we go! Ombre effect from top to bottom with flowers.


In part II, I will show you what did I do with NABA French Pink gel during the workshop and the girls went absolutely crazy for it! By the way not just the girls from the workshop loved it but my cliens in salon too.


But that's it for now.

Lots of Love,


Susan xx




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