Meet this week's most wanted set of nails

Meet this week's most wanted set of nails

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Yes, she is my youngest client (over 16) so she has the perfect skin and pretty good natural nail beds too. Creating nails for her always a dream.

As for the base, I used Mosaic A&G in Milky pink. It is a very settled light pink colour which is in great harmony with the colours of this design.










Perfect for nude nails or babyboomer nails. If you are not familiar with acrygels and how to use this fantastic system, you can always create this look with Mosaic Babyboomer cover pink gel.










Mosaic has got some pretty awesome cover pinks to be honest, lot of different colours to suit your clients skin tone.











After file and buffing the nail, my favourite part begings; nail art.

Waves on nails been on trend for a while now. You can combine different colours or you can settle just for 3 in harmony.


I used the following colours: mosaic snow white, rose gold and dublin.

You will need a good nail art brush too. Wether you prefer to work with a short brush or with a long brush, it is up to you.

Watch me, creating this look and give me a like if you liked this video.




If you have any questions about products or training, or you want to see any specific salon design, send me a message to


Lots of nail love,


Susan x

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