NEW Nail Art Challenge in the spirit of SPRING

NEW Nail Art Challenge in the spirit of SPRING

Spring arrived a lot earlier than expected this year. The sun is shining, the temperature is higher than usual, end of the dark colour with sprakle in the salon: hello fresh new sets with vibrant picks and freehand painted flowers.

One of my favourite flower is tulip. I was trying to find the easiest way to paint it on nails and today, in this blog post , I am happy to share it with you.

Please welcome my new nail art challenge :)


Step 1: apply NABA hard colour gel 41 all over the nail as a full block colour and cure. Remember NABA hard colour gels cure without any tacky layer, so you do not need to cleanse the nail at all. It is ready to work on it, straight away.




Step 2: apply stencil on the nail.


Step 3: using your ombre sponge and MOSAIC Titan - one stroke paint, make an ombre looking fade on the nail. Cure.


Step 4: Take the stencil off the nail and then use NABA Matt Top gel all over the nail. Cure.


Step 5: with your Mosaic Petal brush using NABA hard colour gel 01, 04 start painting on your tulip's petal. Cure.


Step 6: repeat step 5 with opposite colours. Cure.


Step 7: fill in the middle of the tulip with NABA hard colour gel 20. Cure. Use a thin brush like Top Liner, Slim or #000.


Step 8: paint on the leaves. I used 3 different green for this to get a more realistic picture. The colours are the following NABA hard colour gels: 39, 29 and 75.


Step 9: using an acrylic brush, add some blue paches on the side of the nail and cure. I used NABA hard colour gel 44



Step 10: add some more patches with a ligther blue like NABA hard colour gel 30 and cure.



Step 11: you can add some fine lines to your work with white hard colour gel.


Step 12:  the finish picture


Well, good luck with this new challenge. I hope you will find it easy to follow with these step by step pictures. Looking forward to seeing your beautiful work. Don't forget to tag us and use the word #nailartchallenge


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P&P applies, until stock lasts.

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