One Single Trick to Improve Your Pastel Colour Application

One Single Trick to Improve Your Pastel Colour Application

Here we are.  Summertime, holiday nails and toes.  Two different clientele: One of them are the neon lovers, the other ones, yeah you guessed it right, the pastel girls.  Pastel beige, pastel pink, pastel yellow, pastel blue, you name it.  It looks nice if the colour was applied correctly.  Most of the times, one coat is sadly not enough so application takes up some time for sure.

I did a little experiment today in the salon and took some pictures for you.  I chose pastel green colour from Mosaic. 

I applied the colour once,

twice (cured between layers of course and thin layers of gel)

but still wasn’t very happy with it. 

So applied my final, third coat and it looked perfect. 

Then I was like, so one of my main reasons why I do not like pastels is because I have to apply 2 but mainly 3 coats.  Too much effort me think.  Then, what if I apply a plain pure white colour first, being as my “base”  and then apply the pastel colour?!?!

Guess what, it did work! After curing my first white “base” coat, applied the pastel green, cured, and I was actually happy with it!  Instead of 3 layers of pastel, just one layer with white underneath. That’s better!


One more tip on application. If you are a bit heavy handed, you will create stripes on the surface.  If you hold your brush 90 degrees towards to the nail, you will create stripes on the nail.  Your brush and the nail are always parallel to each other.  As most of the hard colour gels are self levelling as well, just turn the hand upside down for a couple of seconds before you cure it. Gravitation is a great help when you are working with gel ;)  .


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