Open Day in Welshpool

Open Day in Welshpool

Last year we received an invitation from Emma Bernard (Nailed It) to hold an open day at their salon.  They had seen that NABA was getting a lot of great feedback on their products and wanted to find out more.  So in February we went to Wales!

Susan's Nails has now held a number of Open Days so each one is getting better and better every time.  The format for the day covers in depth product information, videos and live demonstrations.  It's also a fabulous opportunity for meeting other nail techs and making new friends!

Personally I like this as everyone gets to see how the products work and what can be done with them.  The best part is, the product knowledge game as we call it.  Imagine a room, full with grown up nail techs but as soon as you say the magic words: game, play and win....their faces change.  They are all up for it! Ususally there are a number of questions about the products and if you are quick enough, you can win them.  Simple as that!  Always great fun! 

Several videos, a lot of talking and 10 live demos later, these girls received their product knowledge certificate.

Overall a fantastic day, lots of positive feedback and were looking forward to holding our next Open Day. 

If you are a salon owner or training academy and looking for a new product range to try or work with in the future and you think you can invite and host at least 10 people in your place, please get in touch. We are opening our NABA Open Day diary to all of you in the UK. 

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