Pigement LOVE

Pigement LOVE

Pigment play and pigment love.


All starts with a cured hard colour gel like, NABA lavender.

It is a very nice and trendy colour this spring.  I have created several salon nails using this colour already.  My clients absolutely loving it.




But you know the feeling when curiosity kicks in?

What if i do this?  Or what if i do that?  You know the feeling, right?

So I was just wondering, what happens if I start to use this colour as a base and then add some pigment on it. I know most people would do black colour and pigment combo which is absolutely fine of course.  As we are coming to summer soon, black is a bit away from me at the moment.  So I cured hard colour gel lavender instead and added pigment on.

This is how you create different colours, shades with just simply adding pigment on. ;)

Pigments work on non tacky layer of gel.  Like NABA hard colour gels.  As soon as they are cured (30 sec in LED lamp BUT all depends on your UV/LED lamp so have a play) just apply the pigment with applicator.  Brush off the extra powder and apply top coat.

Always use the recommended top coat with your pigments otherwise it won't last!


First, I applied NABA pigment 14 green on the top of the cured lavender colour.


As soon as Toyah seen this, she WANTED it staright away!  One more happy client!




But I did not stop there. I tried with another pigemnt.  Golden Pink.

The application is the same as with the previous pigment.  Apply with applicator, massage in, brush off extra and top coat.




So now,  using the same lavender colour plus adding 2 different pigments, I managed to create 3 different colours.  More colours, more choices to offer to clients.  And I am telling you know, no matter how old they are, they are all amazed by this technique. So it is an absolute WIN, WIN!


You can apply pigments into a tacky layer of gel as well.  It is a very nice but different effect then.  There are two ways to do it:


  •  If your hard colour gel cures with tacky layer then you need to cure it fully before pigment application. 


  • If your hard colour gel cures without any tacky layer, then you need to cure it for 2-3 sec in the lamp.


Instead of using the applicator included in the pack, I have used a fluffy brush.  With this fluffy brush, just brushed on the pigment.  When it is done, it goes back to the lamp for a couple of seconds before top coat.  And your design is ready!



So here are 2 ways of using pigments for you.  Go and have a play!


Lots of Love,

Susan xx

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