What to do in January if you are a nail technician

What to do in January if you are a nail technician

Generally speaking January is not the busiest month of the year specially if you are just starting out. All of the buzzing are gone with Christmas and New Years eve so be prepared for a quieter month.

So what to do in January then? Lots!

- Do a big clean! I am a holder. Don’t want to throw away anything because as soon as i do, i need it. So in January i am packing away all the unused glitters, decals, sponges and brushes. All goes into a big box waiting for their return one day ......maybe. But for now, i have got at least 2 completely empty drawers for the new stuff. Because there will be some new stuff! Guarantee 😉

- As this month is a bit quieter, use your time to practice or even better, use your time to learn something new. I am sure there is one or two skills you really want to learn and perfect for ages. So why don’t you sign yourself on a course then?! You will have time to attend and what is more important to practice. How many times did it happen to you?You went to do a course but never had the time to practice afterwards. So don’t remember anything or very few of the course tasks . Waist! Waist of time and money unfortunately 😥

- Practice your new skills. Did you do a technical course? Did you learn how to do sculpting nails for example? Good! You will need some models to practice on. Offer a half price service to old and new clients. In this case you will have models, and earn some pennies too.

- Do an open day! Open days are always good as you can show different talent of yours to your clients. Are you good at pedicures? Why don’t you show to your clients how you do it?! You never know they might be interested next time when they book in.

- Is there another beautician working with you? Team up and give some pampering sessions to your loyal customers. Ask them to invite their friends too.

- Put together pampering packages and start to advertise them! Use pictures, videos, customer’s reviews anything that makes you stand out from the crowd.

- Buy 2 get 1 free on your services for limited time only! Don’t forget to put an expiring date on it! Like 31st January 😉

- Plan your next 3-6 months. What do you want to do in the salon? Are you doing any special offers for Valentines Day or International Women’s Day? Plan your marketing upfront! Is there any school pampering evening you would like to attend? Find the details and book a table. 

- Not happy with your business card/portfolio book? Get a new one! There are plenty of online companies offering you free samples to choose from. Get it personalised, get it printed now. You also have got a chance to get a good deal in January.

Can you suggest anything else? Please feel free to comment or send us your ideas!

But for now, hello January, i am ready for you!

Love, Susan xx

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