Your New Best Friend in Salon Nail Art

Your New Best Friend in Salon Nail Art

A couple of months ago a new kind of gel hit the market and nail technicians went absolutely crazy about it!  Why?  Because it was an instant nail art tool in a pot.  A gel that works with any base; gel polish, acrylics, acrygel, soft or hard gel.  A gel that easy and fun to use.  A gel that helps to create the perfect straight line in seconds.  A gel that was named after the most hated animal by women:



If you never heard about it, maybe it is time to have a look on this video here:




The more you play, the better it gets.  Then I stopped for a moment and had a thought about what else can I do with this spider gel?!


I knew it was perfect for those straight, fine lines but I was wondering if it was possible to do something else with it.


Thankfully it didn’t take too long to come up with another idea. Taadaaam’!


A new way of using my well loved spider 🕷 gel.  Quickly introduced the idea to my gel beginner girls and it didn’t take much for them to master the new technique in seconds.


This is one of those abstract nail art ideas where you cannot go wrong.  It is pretty simple and easy to use. Looks good in any colours and done in seconds. Perfect! Just one of those things we need in our busy salon life ;)








If you like this idea, watch how you can create it too:



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