Have you ever been in this situation?

Have you ever been in this situation?

When I stumble upon something that catches my eye while browsing the Range or B&M, I immediately consider if it would make a good prop for my nail pictures.

How do you know if you really need this?
How do you know if it is going to look good on the pictures?
How do you know if it is the right size / shape / colour?

To decide if I really need it and if it will look good in my pictures, I have a simple method. I start by taking pictures of it next to my nails, ensuring it looks good on camera and matches the size, shape, and color I desire. If it checks all the boxes, I happily buy it.

However, if it falls short in any aspect, I simply move on and search for something else.

I also have a personal rule now - if it costs more than £2.50, I won't buy it. This helps me avoid going overboard with buying props, which I have admittedly done in the past.

You can go crazy with buying these props, you can have loads of them but if they are not working for you and your nail pictures, then you are wasting your time and your money. You do not want to do that.
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