Mimosa nail art with dotting tool by Susan @Susan's Nails, salon and beginner friendly tutorial with step by step pictures and video

Hello March 👋, hello Mimosa!

Happy March! We have made it to a new month, and that means it is time to start fresh. There is so much to look forwrd to this month, and I am sure it is going to be a great one.


Let's make the most of this month together and make it a great one!


Are you looking for an easy nail art design that even a beginner can do? Look no further! I am here to show you how to do this fun and easy nail art with a dotting tool. Perfect for last-minute nail art ideas or if you are just starting out.



 Now let's see the STEP BY STEPS.



First, start your design on a matt background. It makes it easier to paint fine lines on it. I used, Born Pretty Matt Top Gel here.

Then, with a fine nail art brush and brown one stroke paint, created the branches. Make sure your lines are really fine, then cure.


Next, paint on your green leaves and cure. I prefer to use either glass gel polish for the leaves 🍃 or BORN PRETTY Aquarelle Pens 🖊 . If you haven't got glass gel polishes, you can dilute your green gel polish with some top gel to make it a bit see-through 😉.




Now, it is time to get your dotting tool and start having fun.

I have used different shades of yellow gels to get the look.






 And for that extra cuteness, I used yellow velvet manicure powder.





Get your dotting tool and velvet manicure powder ready and let's create this awesome look together!

Find my video tutorial on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube too. Don't forget to follow on social media to get all the latest news and tutorials from me.


All the best,


Susan x


















































































































































































































































































































































































































































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